AngularJS Services – Book Review


AngularJS ServicesAngularJS Services by Jim Lavin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First of all if you are new to AngularJS, don’t pick this book with assumption that you will catch basic framework too. In fact, this book is about a particular topic of Angular JS aka Services. Angular JS is a great and growing framework for SPA and web based apps. Following logic of separation of logic and view layer, Angular provide a solid base for development of large and mid scale projects.

Author described not only Services but also building best practices, providers and factories are explained in easy to understand and follow manner. Practical examples showing how to develop AngularJS services and also how to test them with use of mock data and mock timers. Use case of authenticating with oAuth is something which is really useful. Chapter 6 is focused on using external services inside AngularJS services. Chapter 7 is completely focused on models & services and when to use which feature of AngularJS out of these two while implementing business logics.

Overall a must have book on AngularJS services and architecture in general.

Disclaimer: I got a review copy from publisher. You can get book from their website

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