Getting rid of yellow stains from white gadgets (Laptops, Mobiles etc)


Recently I bought an Asus laptop. At the time of purchase, I was little hesitant not because of the specs or price but primary concern was its available color which is White.

I am from an area where sandstorms and dust are pretty common and thus white colored gadgets start losing their glaze and whiteness pretty soon. However at the prices range I wasn’t able to find any other alternative and thus I went ahead and purchased it through Amazon.

Since the day it arrived, I am using it on daily basis for my work. Recently I noticed that it started getting yellow stains, particularly at the area where my palm touches most during typing. Being a new gadget, I was really upset and immediately tried certain solutions including Colin (which is a glass cleaner and sometime I use to wipe my wood desk too), water with little soap. But nothing worked, specially due to matte finish surface. I started looking for solutions and found some people claiming to clean their mac books using plastic erasers. Most of them were talking about Mars plastic eraser or Mr X Magic erasers.

I searched for those and found that in India, those were available for around $25 on Amazon in pack of 20 (as they imported). But I needed only one to try, and I couldn’t find a single packing under $1-1.5. On eBay someone was selling it for $4 though.

So I decided to use what I had easily accessible, and it worked for me. So sharing it for others too. Original idea of using eraser isn’t mine and I came across to this over the internet. I take no guarantee and it must be used carefully at your own risk!!

What you need:

  • A laptop / gadget having yellow stains due to oil and sweat in hands
  • A brand new non-dust eraser (I used Apsra non-dust, but you should be fine with any other too)
  • A clean & soft cotton cloth
  • A bowl filled with filtered water
  • A paper cutter (optional)


  • Using paper cutter, cut down eraser into 4 equal pieces or at least 2. Remember to have piece of size which you can comfortably hold using your thumb and forefinger.
  • Now put one of those piece into water filled bowl and leave 10-15 minutes.
  • Turn off your gadget completely and unplug it from electric outlet if connected.
  • Use part of the cloth to clean your gadget to wipe any immediate dust on it.
  • Now take the eraser out from water bowl and start erasing the stain using that gently. Don’t put too much pressure else eraser will break into small pieces or you will get more stains on surface. Rub it gently.
  • Eraser will start shredding, but since its non-dust eraser and wet too, it won’t spread too much.
  • Use the cloth to wipe it off from your device’s surface frequently.
  • Be careful that water must not get into keyboard area or screen or any other opening of your gadget as it may damage the hardware.
  • Keep rubbing stains and wiping it with cloth. You will see the change immediately.
  • If required, use paper cutter to take out a thin slice of eraser which you are using, so that after some time when it gets dirty, it doesn’t turn into a negative exercise. Soak it again in water frequently to keep it wet, else it will start shredding very fast and will spoil the process.

You may repeat the process if required, but don’t overdo else you will find that particular area of gadget is now more whiter than other area of surface 🙂

You may use the remaining piece of eraser next time. Just ensure that eraser which you use to clean gadget surface is not used to erase pencil or pen writings else instead of making gadget surface white, it will give a different shade to it. You can always use paper cutter to takeout thin slice to remove any such part from eraser before using it in cleaning process. If stains are very hard and since long time, you may pour some drops of regular cleaner in the water.